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Cost vs. Value

DIY: Do-it-Yourself: Select only the Value-Added Products you require.

Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — uses NORTHERN ONTARIO WIDE PLANK RED PINE exclusively, because —  @ ~ 2.5 lbs per sf. — it is approximately three times (~3X) more dense, harder/durable than any White or Yellow Pine(s).”

As a Value-Added Oriented Company, Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — specializes in providing the “Best-of-the-Best” EXPORT QUALITY and Value-Added Products in order to Save Space, Time, Money and Frustration ... where the Flooring installation and finishing is a critical part of your visionary success. 

Clients purchase MILL RUN Grade or take full advantage of my Expertise when purchasing MERCHANT PLUS, SELECT and PREMIUM Grades.

My Expertise extends to WIDE PLANK RED PINE Wood Selection, Premium knotty, Solidity knot Check, Line-Straightness Test, Pre-Cutting away waste and Pre-Squaring Butt-Ends, thru to offering critical Controlled Indoor Storage and Hand-Load/Unload Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery and/or Full Installation/Rustic Finishing.


“Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — surpasses all Commodity-Oriented Retailers and Internet Re-Sellers.”


“Some people buy Flooring ... others invest in Kid and Dog Friendly, 'Heritage' Flooring.


Common Flooring is supplied by common retailers to people with common requirements and expectations. Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — builds Limited Edition, Hand-Crafted Rustic Flooring — at value-oriented prices — that appreciates in intrinsic and monetary value. Red Pine Flooring transforms and elevates a house, condo, cottage, office or business — for people with particular requirements, high expectations and Vision.


“You can not open the “Yellow Pages” and find
an expert in “Heritage and/or Rustic Pine Flooring”.

Value-Added ... is what Marreed-Prestman offers you in
Premium Materials, Expert Installation and Rustic Finishing
... beyond the value of Flooring as a 'commodity”.

DIY: Do-it-Yourself?




Marreed-Prestman defines Full Installation as including all Premium Materials, Expert GripTighttm Installation and my Proprietary Rustic Finishing but, not all Clients require my Expertise nor, my Proprietary Rustic Finishing. Therefore, Clients can take advantage of Marreed-Prestman's VALUE PACKAGE. The Value Package includes Premium Materials and my Exclusive GripTighttm Installation. After which, Clients choose ONE-OF-THREE “Good-Better-Best” FINISHING OPTIONS, in accordance with project requirements, available skill and budget, as follows:
1) DIY: Do-it-Yourself Finishing: Clear TopCoats or include staining in the process or,
2) Hire a local Tradesperson or Professional Floor Finisher or,
3) If you have your heart set on one of my PROPRIETARY SFX RUSTIC FINISHING'S consider the value of my eleven (11) years of specialty experience along with nominal Travel, and perhaps, Lodging for me alone. I include; all Premium Materials, GripTight Fastening Technique, Flush Plugs, Expert Sandings and my Proprietary special effect (SFX) Flooring finishing “to die for” plus, my PourDown, Eco-Friendly Modified-Oil, Double (2X) FloodCoat TopCoat Finishings.


* Quantity-Discounted Pricing, Bonus Savings and Regional Incentives apply to Original Order Quantity.
 Subsequent orders or 'additional quantities' are subject to the Pricing Schedule in effect on the day of additional quantity.


What are the differences between a Custom Full Installation/Finishing vs. a Cost-Effective DIY: Do-it-Yourself Install/Finishing?


The results obtained in building and finishing a Hand-Crafted Flooring can be a “High-Investment High-Value Proposition”.  It is not for “Shoulda People”, it is for those with Vision! Consideration of my expertise in conjunction with Best-of-Best Materials is no different than weighing the product and benefits of Professional Food and Beverage Catering for “your special event” .... no matter how accomplished your Hosting and Cooking Skills ... you know when to hand the job over to a reputable and proven Professional and accept the cost of this Speciality as the decisive component in “The Value Proposition”

Alternately, if you choose the DIY: Do-it-Yourself route, I assure you the best of quality in Wide Plank Red Pine lumber ... you depend on your building skills or contract the work at the local level. Realizing, of course, that you will not be getting the benefit of my Expertise nor, my exclusive GripTighttm Installation Technique nor, my upscale Rustic Workings nor, my Double (2X) PourDown FloodCoat Finishing Technique. The upside is that you are not purchasing my high-value services ... a Craftsperson who is in demand for commercial, residential and recreational new-builds and renovations nor, are you competing for a rare Full Installation Time-Slot of which there are only three (3) per year. Nor, are you paying for (my) travel, and perhaps, lodging nor, are you paying for my exclusive GripTighttm Installation Technique nor, my  Double (2X) PourDown FloodCoat Finishing Technique. Finally, the more square feet you do on a DIY Project, the less the cost per square foot due, in part, because of my quantity discount offerings. Whereas, Original Grand Floors done by Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — are less notable in savings per square foot because the Quantity Discount is usually overshadowed by the comparable growth in job planning, onsite preparation, layout, materials and (local) labour which accompanies all Custom Projects. Similarly, that is the case with the cost of laying Designer Tile, Hand-Crafted stonework/fireplace chimney stacks, Custom Hand-Crafted Staircases, Scribed Log and Custom Post & Beam Structures.
Your DIY project is, by far, the most 
cost-effective ... it offers you more time flexibility and becomes your responsibility, pride and joy.


Consider the benefits of buying Flooring for the Long Term, in the planning process.

People seem “eager to spend” on kitchen and bathroom 'cabinetry' and 'fixtures' — in the early stages of a project — because they know those rooms impact both the practical and aesthetic value of their home or cottage. Windows are next but, a bit of an afterthought. Later, as their project becomes a reality, 'budget' and 'deadlines' get squeezed so, the design, liveability and ambience of their Dream Home or Cottage is compromised and Flooring, regretfully, “becomes a commodity”, even though, “Flooring” has the greatest impact on every aspect of any project. My clients, some of which, have built many times would agree with me ... 'cabinetry', 'fixtures', 'windows' and 'Flooring' ... should read ... “Hand-Crafted Canadiana Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring, large, double-glazed, low-E/Argon (insulated) windows, functional MDF-based cabinetry/solid wood cabinet and passageway doors and complimentary 'brass-core' plumbing fixtures”.

A hand-crafted 'artistically-distressed' RED PINE Flooring is critical to the design, liveability and ambience of many projects but, people may not plan ahead for Flooring in the manner they plan “the kitchen”, “the bathroom” or “windows”, thus, they may notget the GREAT NORTHERN WIDE PLANK RED PINE FLOOR “they have always wanted” ... simply because I am a “one-man show” — an Outlier. — an accomplished and out-of-the-ordinary craftsman who is in demand year-round ... so, plan early to avoid disappointment.

How 'critical' is it to determine the reality of BUDGET” per major item” ... early on in the building planning process?

Imagine, if you absolutely “had to have” liveability, beauty and durability in one major item in your “Dream Home” or “Dream Cottage” ... which one would you consider important enough to warrant an expenditure of $ 10,000., $ 20,000., or $ 30,000. or more?  Which one major purchase is guaranteed to exceed your highest expectation for quality living and appreciative value. Would it be “your dream kitchen”, “your dream bathrooms”, “your dream windows”, “your dream fireplace” or “your dream Flooring”?  Which one of these five major items is the only one that will appreciate in intrinsic and monetary value beyond your initial appreciation and wildest expectations?

Invest in Classics that will still be Masterworks decades into the future.


“Dream Kitchens” are susceptible to fashion ...  “Dream Bathrooms” are difficult to adapt to changing life style ... “Dream Windows” are seldom appreciated ... “Dream Fireplaces” are susceptible to energy-efficiency, environmental concerns, inflating wood purchasing costs, wood storage requirements and 'careful attention' (due to children, pets, etc.) ... But, “Dream Floors” are definitive ... people love them forever ... because, by definition, Dream Floors are Classics. Classic Wood Floors are proven to be durable, warm and Livable.'  Critically, they are by nature, compliant' with fashion and lifestyle as proven throughout history in buildings ... from Cabins, Cottages and Homes to Restaurants, Inns and Resorts ... to Country Clubs and Castles.


Notable Quotes


“We have enough Flooring samples from retailers to have done this Flooring 4 times over but nothing has struck my fancy. We ended up putting in a new knotty Alder kitchen (shimmed ¾ inch to allow for new Flooring) to give us an idea of what we wanted in Flooring but, until we saw your website we haven’t been able to come up with any ideas that we could agree on ... since we built in 1992 ... on the Trent-Severn. (Mo and Matt in Big Chute).


“My wife and I have decided to go for it.  It's a lot of money for us, but we think it is worth it, given your expertise and my want of it for a long time. I will send payment from Tokyo. (Jeffery and Kimiko ... Full Installation June 13/08: Lower Beverly Lake, Ontario.)


Precious Commodity


Northern (slow growth, high density) Red Pine is a rare, but, sustainable-growth material ... but still, difficult to source in the wider widths. In addition, there is only three (3) Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — Flooring built annually (by choice) ... in all of the world. People who have purchased a Marreed-Prestman Flooring for the Right Reasons appreciate the fact that they have purchased a precious and exclusive 'one-of'-a-kind' Flooring for little more than they would spend on high-quality broadloom (which wears out and looks shabby after ten, or so, years). People know a Marreed-Prestman Flooring will enhance their living and working environments and they know its liveability and value will increase (considerably) over time.


Cost vs. Value


Price is what something costs ...

Value ... is what a Marreed-Prestman Flooring offers you beyond the value of a commodity.




If you are searching for Flooring that will exceed your vision and transform and elevate your home, cottage, office or business environment — based on the right Reasons4Buying — then, a Marreed-Prestman Distressed Red Pine Flooring is of great value to you, your family and pets. When you choose to go beyond the purchase of Flooring as a commodity and demand distinction, beauty, harmony, artistic expertise, experienced installation and finishing craftsmanship ... you are buying into “your vision” You are demanding a Grand Floor — in a Rustic yet, Sophisticated Style — one that is more practical and more beautiful than any mass-market Flooring.

* Quantity-Discounted Pricing, Bonus Savings and Regional Incentives apply to Original Order Quantity.
 Subsequent orders or 'additional quantities' may be subject to the Pricing Schedule in effect on the day of additional quantity.




As you might expect, my proprietary HandTorqued GripTight Installations and my exclusive Rock Pine Finishing Technique entails labour-intensive work and a longer finishing process than traditional Do-it-Yourself or “mass-market” installations and finishing but, no better materials, installation and finishing — or tougher pine Flooring — exists anywhere. As such, my Full Installation/Styles and Final Finishing reflects value.

Pricing Policy


The combined quality of my products, craftsmanship and expertise are exclusive and unique to Marreed-Prestman. These are of greater value to my Clients than the intrinsic value of lesser Flooring materials and common installation labour supplied by Commodity-Oriented Resellers.

The cost of a Marreed-Prestman Flooring reflects uniqueness, expertise and labour-intensive work required to built a rock-solid “Heritage Floor”. As a self-employed home-based and highly skilled craftsman, your cost per square foot (sf.), as indicated on the Price: Full Installation page, includes personal, direct involvement ... a direct physical, mental and emotional contribution (as Working Foreman and Artisan) toward the creation of your vision. I work on every aspect of your job ... on average, my monetary reward is similar to that of common manufacturers but, manufacturers sell to retailers and retailers add on an additional ~ 40% ... so, you pay more for “distribution and retail overhead” and receive less “quality and uniqueness”. As such, I am able to offer you ~ 40% more value in product and expertise and a Flooring that appreciates in value, year after year ... Again, this is without question, a better expenditure and investment.

“2015 Pricing”


Price increases are routine, due to increasing energy and harvesting costs. In addition, my artistic design processes and expertise has evolved over the years to the point of “international recognition” and that is placing upward pressure on prices but, it also increases the appreciative value of your Flooring investment. I am still able to maintain that all-important “affordability factor “ for those who are willing to increase “a commodity-oriented budget” in order to transform and elevate their home, cottage or business. Booking now for 2015-2015 will undoubtedly save you money.

NORTHERN ONTARIO RED PINE  —  @ ~ 2.5 lbs per sf. — is harder/durable than any other Pine(s).

Isn't Pine a softwood?

Yes, but, it is the hardest, warmest pine anywhere in the world ... in addition, Marreed-Prestman prepares your Red Pine Floor — using professional 'Pine Flooring' finishing equipment — ready for finishing as normal —  then, I uniformly break/unlock the grain of the wood surface using my proprietary Cold Sand  Method. Cold Sanding opens the pores of the wood to accept the impregnation of “Diamond-Tough” Resin.

NOTE: One should be aware of a “mass-market” or “less knowledgeable” craftsman who's methods may inadvertently burnish (seal/glaze) the wood surface and inhibit stain and/or resin impregnation — or worse — a “craftsman” who does not apply a “Blotching Inhibitor. Lastly, be aware of a “craftsman” who brush-coats a wood flooring instead of applying professional (pour down) FloodCoats. Flood-coating has become a rare skill because it requires years of experience and a fluid technique to ensure impregnation of the seams and butt-ends and to ensure thick, even and long-lasting topcoats.

The Rock Pine ® Finishing Technique 


Red Pine (Pinus resinosa) is much more dense and heavier than White, Yellow or Western/Eastern Red Pine ... I use NORTHERN ONTARIO RED PINE exclusively because of its hardness and durability and because it has more pronounced reddish knotts and rhythmic grain ... an excellent choice for Flooring installations because of its toughness and dramatic good looks.


My Cold Sand  surface readily accepts the application of penetrating “Blothching” Inhibitor” prior to my 1st. FloodCoat TopCoat … it sets in twenty-four (24) hours. After which time, I abrade the Flooring and apply the 2nd PourDown FloodCoat Topcoat (wear coat). After twenty-four (24h) hours, the final finish is applied and set, the Flooring can be walked on with dry stocking feet.  Life can return to “normal” after the the application of the 2nd FloodCoat TopCoat .  four (4) day cure-time and furniture can usually be moved in after four (4) days (to avoid furniture 'imprinting' the Flooring before it reaches the stage II cure). Daily activities resumes as normal. After “living life as normal” and Thirty (30) days has passed, the Flooring is fully cured (Stage III). At Stage III, the Flooring is “Rock Solid” without leaving a slippery or 'plastic-looking' finish on the surface. My Cold Sand  and wood impregnation method can, therefore, rightly be considered “Rock Pine” ®. Your Flooring will have a natural, warm satin sheen and the comfortable, Hand-Crafted ambience of a Heritage Floor but, more importantly, it will be tough, durable and easy-care. Due to the affects of UV-Light, an exquisite patina will naturally set in within a year or two! The Flooring then, has Naturally Aged to Depth of Character.

GripTight Fastening Techniques


Marreed-Prestman offers my proprietary GripTight ™ Fastening Technique which has proven over the years to be “the best and most reliable method” for fastening Wide Plank Flooring when you want a solid installation without 'cupping', 'squeaking', 'bounce', etc., especially in an unwinterized building or below-grade.

SFX Distressing and Camouflage


bullet Hand-Crafted “Kid and Dog Friendly!” Distressing is an Option @ $ .75c sf.

bullet Marreed-Prestman offers new Wide Plank Red Pine Flooring with four (4) levels of 'Distressing'... Light (city living/kids/dog), Moderate and Heavy 'Distressing' (country living/kids/dog).

bullet Marreed-Prestman Red Pine Flooring will still ding, dent and scratch but, my method of distressing and SFX finishing camouflages abuse ... the eye is not drawn to any particular mark (new or old) ... my 'animal-friendly' Diamond-Tough FloodCoat Finish is critically important. It's magic because it's Livable when you live with kids and dogs (or they visit).

bullet Choose any “designer” highlight stain colour inset into the Distressed areas of your new Red Pine Flooring to achieve that “Old World” Look.


Be Fair To Yourself

Be fair to yourself ... determine your actual requirements before 'factoring' prices...

In my experience, people rush to guesstimate their Flooring requirements which falsely encourages or discourages them when they calculate the cost of their Flooring project ... if you underestimate your requirements, you may be surprised by the actual square footage and appropriate budget requirement ... if you overestimate you may 'disqualify' yourself based on false 'pricing' information. Neither situation is advantages.


Calculate your actual sq. ft. Flooring requirements as accurately as possible? 


Not withstanding the obvious — we all have a tape measure — but, this exercise may surprise you .... if you are building or renovating 1,850 sf., you may only require 1,250 sf. of Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring plus, utility Flooring.

1a) Measure the interior of each room (excluding walls, including closets) then, remove the footprint for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets/counters, tubs/showers, staircase, fireplace/stove base areas and closets that you may not want done, etc., to determine a fair measure. (Remember, 'building plans' may change. Avoid 'exterior' dimensions.)

1b) Consider Cutting and Fitting 'waste' ... it may be higher than expected, as this, in part, changes as your plans progress, depending on the 'complexity' of the 'final' Flooring layout, belated Flooring plan changes including cabinets, counters, bathroom fixtures, fireplace, stairs and wall locations ... but, more importantly, consider the skill, experience and efficiency of the installation crew.

1c) Consider your budget requirements. If budget is “an issue” when considering “wall-to-wall” artistic Flooring, consider doing selective areas ... the critical living areas ... use utility Flooring in other areas. Keeping, in mind, the more types of Flooring used, the more “chopped-up” your building project will look.

1d) Stairways are not to be included in square footage measurements. Stair Risers, Treads and Mouldings are priced separately.


No Obligation Turn-Key Consultation


In addition to Complimentary Online/Fax Quotations, Marreed-Prestman offers a No Obligation Fee-Based On-Site Inspection, Assessment, Samples and Quotation Service ... I visit your job site or, your home if you are working from plans. I assess 'job issues', your requirements, options, timelines, methods, budget and 'vision' ... you take advantage of my knowledge and expertise. Whether you Do-it-Yourself, hire a local contractor or have me install and finish. My On-Site Consultation, with you, will inevitably save you Space, Time, Money and Frustration.


Half (50%) of my On-Site Consultation Service Fee is credited to either your Full Installation or DIY: Do-it-Yourself/Contractor Lumber Supply order when your order is booked within ninety (90) days of my visit. Lastly, unlimited “Telephone Advisory Guidance” is available for DIY's thru job completion. From the selection of wood to installation technique and finishing products and, of course, assurance that you avoid major problems associated with jack posts, Sub Flooring, and the like. We arrange a time for you to call and I answer your questions while your project is underway and as a “back-up” if you have any questions thereafter.



“You can buy manufactured Flooring anywhere but there is only one investment that

will transform and elevate your home, cottage or business ... a Marreed-Prestman Red Pine Floor.”


bullet Marreed-Prestman offers “The Alternative Wood Floor”. Live a Carefree Lifestyle with the Kids and the Dog ... A new Distressed Red Pine Flooring can take the punishment and camouflage the abuse.  Enjoy the warmth, beauty and durability of a new “heritage” Flooring … “Old World” charm, I say.

(The new “Diamond-Tough” wood Flooring finishes on the market today elevate Red Pine beyond the hardness level of some 'so-called' hardwoods. Resins are more fluid and soak into the wood to toughen up the fibres ... wear-and-tear is ‘absorbed’ by the thick topcoat ...)


Goodwill Product/Service Guarantee


A. Marreed & D. Prestman Distressed Red Pine Flooring guarantees each and every new Flooring that I install against DEFECT in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your Flooring* (non-transferable) provided the contract Terms and Conditions are fulfilled.


NOTE: Red Pine Flooring is a natural  product ... it is not a composite, it is not plastic, as such, ~ 1% expansion and contraction of the wood in the annual “breathing” cycle may occur. Additional, expansion and contraction may be “aggravated” by non-related factors* affecting the building prior to, during, or after the installation and finishing processes.


* Clients will allow for standard Curing Times which will include a timeline for the introduction” of furniture and animals in accordance with T&C.

* E.G.: Building Stresses: Misaligned supporting walls, posts or jack posts, water damage, nearby blasting or excavation, snow load, etc.


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