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Vision & Affordability



(quotes and paraphrased comments)
Janet Wilson, The Ottawa Citizen - Saturday July 28, 2007

“Natural (RED) pine Floorings bring warmth and rustic character to a country-style home.”

“Historical paint colours and natural materials are essential elements
to capturing the classic country look when building a home or cottage.”

“Use thicker trim around windows and doors and wider baseboards to
offer eye appeal and to create old-style architectural details.”

“Wood is preferred over synthetic materials. You don't want the place to look like it was
plunked down from a subdivision. It has to be reminiscent of the (country) environment.”


Notable Quotes


“Jesse, we RED about you ... a full page with fabulous pictures in The Ottawa Citizen ( 20, 02). You have “experience to burn” ... I “shopped 'till I dropped” ... I'm impressed with your Red Pine Flooring, your dedication, skill and technique. The result is stunning.

June and Bruce, Ottawa, ON. Canada.


“I was THRILLED to find your website...  I'm in a country-living-dog situation and I am looking for both beauty and durability ... which your Flooring seems to offer.”

Maria, Lac du Flambeau, WI. USA

Building with “Vision”?

“Some people buy Flooring covering — a synthetic commodity that depreciates — to fulfill their Flooring requirements ... my Clients, however, envision “Kid and Dog Friendly” Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring ... Heritage Flooring of lasting beauty, durability and value.”

“You can not open the “Yellow Pages” and find
an expert in “Heritage and/or Rustic Pine Flooring”.

Value-Added ... is what Marreed-Prestman offers you in
DIY Premium Materials and/or, Expert Installation and Rustic Finishing
... beyond the value of Flooring as a 'commodity'.

Livability is Measured by Warmth, Performance and Lifestyle

Livability is not measured solely by Hardness and Durability, it is measured by 'Warmth', Performance and Lifestyle ... a decision in favour of a casual, yet sophisticated, Flooring material and 'Diamond-Tough' finish offer a carefree lifestyle.

Consider this as well ... when a 'perfectly' manufactured hardwood Flooring is dinged, dented or scratched, its “man-made perfection” is lost”.  The Consumer is 'forever' disappointed with the livability and enjoyment of their Flooring. Whereas, my new 'distressed' Northern Ontario Red Pine Flooring can take the abuse by camouflaging normal and extraordinary “wear and tear” ... Livability actually improves' as the Flooring ages.


“The Eye is Not Drawn to a Single Imperfection”.


Durability and Livability are important but, Livability is Paramount ... when you are living with a spouse, kids, dogs, visitors.

N.O.R.P. has a rating of approximately three (~ 3X) that of any other pine on the Janka Hardness Rating Scale (J) For Wood Flooring Species *. Therefore, Northern Ontario Wide Plank Red Pine is approximately three (~3X) times more dense and harder than any of the White and Yellow Pine(s) ... but, more surprising, N.O.R.P. has a “hardness/durability” rating that is slightly higher than a number of American hardwood species.  Top off that amazing fact, by considering that N.O.R.P. has twenty-two (22) annual growth rings per inch of thickness (cold winters, slow growth, stronger fibre) — that is an average of 22 years of growth per inch of width — whereas White Pine growth rings are less dense (fast growing) at approximately eight (~8) rings per inch of thickness.


· Different rating systems tend to be partial to 'special interests' ... J.A.N.K.A. is used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an impartial agency.


Notable Quote


“I wanted an eco-friendly product ... I heard about the Sustainable Forest Management Network when I was touring the Canadian Ecology Centre in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park near Mattawa ... that's where I heard about your product.”


Who are “People with Vision”?


Not surprisingly, 100% of my clients are Outliers.
— Distinct, Resourceful, Outside Normal Expectations ... Outliers
.  —

Common Flooring is supplied by common retailers to people with common requirements and expectations. Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — builds Limited Edition, Hand-Crafted Rustic Flooring — at value-oriented prices — that appreciate in intrinsic and monetary value. Red Pine Flooring transforms and elevates a house, condo, cottage, office or 'hospitality' business — for people with particular requirements, high expectations and Vision.


One-third (1/3) of my Clients are Professional Single Women ... all are rich as individuals but, not usually, in the monetary sense. These women are “Pine People” ... true Outliers ... 'builders' who are, by gender and experience, skeptical and cautious. They do their research, they know what they want and they find a way to get what they want IF the product/service can meet or exceed their expectations

One-third (1/3) of my Clients are “Odd Couples” or, more precisely, Couples-at-Odds. 'Romantics' who agree on almost everything ... they love the potential “Look and Feel of Pine Flooring” (underfoot) but, they never really considered buying Red Pine Flooring. Ultimately, they become 'desperate' to find “an inspirational Flooring” that they can both love.

One-third of my Clients (1/3) are Historically-Oriented Traditionalists ... conservative, practical ... and profoundly frustrated with the suitability of modern 'engineered' woods and high-maintenance products.  Once a Traditionalist discovers “The Value Proposition” offered by PineFlooring.CA, they abandon contemplation, grab the opportunity and “consider themselves lucky”.


The Emotional Connection


Most everyone who is 'associated' with your project will 'vent an opinion' and some are determined to separate you from “your vision” ... that is why you must determine whether you are building a commodity — a “Race to The Bottom” based on price alone — or are you “Building on a Vision” — whereby “an Emotional Connection” is required of all Lifestyle Living Materials. One must resolve this 'dilemma' before starting to build or renovate. Where will you use Commodity Products and where will you use Lifestyle Materials ... What is critical to your Vision?

Northern Ontario Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring is a Visual Feast that will reflect your lifestyle and impact your mood day-in and day-out. People who desire a Marreed-Prestman Flooring, generally do so, with the intent of building an Emotional Connection within their living environment. Clients experience the warmth, beauty and durability of new, Hand-Crafted (Hand Distressed) Rustic Hand-Crafted Distressed “Kid and Dog Friendly”™ RED PINE Flooring.






Sample: GOLDEN (Light Distressing), GripTight ™ Fastening Technique (with filler plugs)




Exceptional Renovations and New Builds require planning, insight, time and a higher budget,
when the goal is to obtain a unique Hand-Crafted Canadian product with integrity.


Price is what something costs ... Intrinsic Value ... is what a Marreed-Prestman
— PineFlooring.CA — offers you beyond the cost of Flooring as a commodity.


Intrinsic Value ... is what a Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — offers when you want to make a per functionary change or you have a desire to transform and elevate your house, condo, cottage, office or business ... and you have a desire to own a One-of-a-Kind, Limited Edition, Hand-Crafted Northern Ontario Wide Plank Red Pine Floor.

Budgeting for a Marreed-Prestman Floor?

It is standard planning practice to budget five (5%) percent of the total cost of a building (excluding a water well, septic system, driveway, landscaping) for 'commodity' Flooring ... a Marreed-Prestman Floor requires (eight (~ 8%) percent for my Full Installation and Rustic Finishing. Alternately, should you choose a DIY: Do-it-Yourself Installation and 'local' finishing your cost will be considerably less ... because, you are not paying my Nominal Travel, and perhaps, Lodging, nor are you buying my hands-on expertise nor, my proprietary techniques — from GripTighttm Fastening to Cold Sandings to Double “Diamond-Tough PourDown  FloodCoat TopCoats — nor, are you 'competing' in the marketplace for a rare Full Installation and Rustic Finishing time slot, of which, there are only three (3) per year!


Qualify Your Actual Requirements (below)


Whatever your square footage requirements, calculate only in proportion to the Actual Square Footage area being done is Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring.

Consider the Benefits of Buying Flooring for the Long Term, in the Planning Process ...

People seem “eager to spend” on kitchen and bathroom 'cabinetry' and 'fixtures' — in the early stages of a project — because they know those rooms impact both the practical and aesthetic value of their project. Windows are next but, a bit of an afterthought. Later, as their project becomes a reality, 'budget' and 'deadlines' get squeezed so, the design, livability and ambience of their Dream is compromised and Flooring, regretfully, “in danger of becoming a commodity”, even though, “Flooring” has the greatest impact on every aspect of a project. My clients, some of which, have built many times would agree with me ... 'cabinetry', 'fixtures', 'windows' and 'Flooring' ... should read ... “Hand-Crafted Canadiana Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring, large, double-glazed, low-E/Argon (insulated) windows, functional MDF-based cabinetry/solid wood cabinet doors and solid passageway doors and complimentary 'brass-core' plumbing fixtures”.

A Hand-Crafted (Hand Distressed) Rustic Distressed' Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring is critical to the design, livability and ambience of many projects but, people may not plan ahead for Flooring in the manner they plan “the kitchen”, “the bathroom” or “windows”, thus, they may not get the NORTHERN ONTARIO WIDE PLANK RED PINE FLOOR “they have always wanted” ... simply because I am a “one-man show” — an Outlier. — an accomplished and resourceful craftsman who is in demand year-round ... so, plan early to avoid disappointment.

How 'critical' is it to determine the reality of BUDGET” per major item” ... early on in the building planning process?

Imagine, if you absolutely “had to have” livability, beauty and durability in one major item in your “Dream Home” or “Dream Cottage” ... which one would you consider critical enough to your project to warrant an expenditure of $ 10,000., $ 20,000., $ 30,000 or more.?  Which one major purchase is guaranteed to exceed your highest expectation for quality living and appreciative value. Would it be your “dream kitchen”, “dream bathrooms”, “dream windows”, “dream fireplace” or “dream Flooring” Which one of these five major items is the only one that will appreciate in intrinsic and monetary value beyond your initial appreciation and wildest expectations?

Invest in a Classic ... in future, it will be a Masterwork.

“Dream Kitchens” are susceptible to fashion ...  “Dream Bathrooms” are difficult to adapt to changing life style ... “Dream Windows” are usually superseded by “the view” and are seldom appreciated ... “Dream Fireplaces” are susceptible to energy-efficiency, environmental concerns, inflating firewood costs, wood storage requirements and 'careful attention' (due to a threat to children, pets, etc.) ... But, “Dream Floors” are definitive ... people love them forever .  By definition, a Dream Floor is Classic.

Classic Wood Floors are proven to be warm, durable and Livable.'  Critically, they are, by nature, compliant with fashion and lifestyle as proven throughout history in building ... from Cabins, Cottages and Homes to Restaurants, Inns and Resorts ... to Country Clubs, Condo's and Castles.

Notable Quotes


“We live on a lake ... with family, pets and visitors, I didn't want to be tied to cleaning or fretting over 'wet and sandy' Floorings …”


“Hi – what a wonderful website and product We are in the process of building a lake house and hope/anticipate to have lots of kids and dogs there with us. We love the look of your red pine Flooring ... “Kid and Dog Friendly” Flooring sounds perfect. Can’t tell you how hopeful I am about your red pine Wide Plank! “


“OMG – your website is absolute fabulous...   Had me riveted.” (even though I am sitting here at work).


“Our Project Manager told us that your Flooring would put us 'over budget' — he did not seem to care about the Flooring as a quality-of-life investment nor the concept behind Kid and Dog Friendly Flooring tm — he said we could let him install local White Pine Flooring ... paper-underlay, blind-nailed and finished with tung-oil ... that would keep us “on budget”. Now, we have his Flooring installed and it is definitely not what we wanted. We should have stuck with our initial reasons for wanting your Flooring ... we could have accepted a higher budget or 'compromised' elsewhere.”



Projects of Interest to Marreed-Prestman, PineFlooring.CA?

Marreed-Prestman is not a Retailer or Sub-Trade nor, “a gun for hire” ... I have personally installed and finished high quality, custom artistic 'Heritage' Flooring in a trailer-home, a quaint chipboard-walled cottage, an exclusive penthouse condominium, hand-scribed log and, post-and-beam homes and, of course, I have done the gamut of visionary residential, recreational and commercial projects. I have worked in “high security locals” and have done Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring for a an Assistant Justice Minister, Judge, Crown Prosecutor, R.C.M.P. Special Investigator, Police Officers, Lawyers and Business People. — I have been checked out 'every which way' possible — I have even endured an R.C.M.P. Investigative Clearance in order to work at 24-Sussex ... in the days when 'Orange Flock Wallpaper' was grossly outdated but, all the rage in the PM's residence ... where “Goggling” was “an unacceptable security risk” not, a Search Engine.


Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — is interested in projects where Clients want to make a per functionary change or build a lovingly crafted Dream Home, Cottage, or Hospitality Business.

Turn-Key Services

Wide Plank Red Pine Flooring www.PineFlooring.ca  www.ArtFloor.ca

Marreed-Prestman serves Clients who act on their Vision ... people who do their research and know what they want and know why they want it ... they learn “there is no comparison” to what I offer in premium materials, expert installation and professional Diamond-Tough PourDown FloodCoat TopCoat Finishing.

Clients commit themselves to my methodical construction process.

From start to job-completion, Marreed-Prestman takes pride in fulfilling its responsibility. Clients, of course, have the benefit of my 'turn-key' expertise and my hands-on proprietary methodology. They also appreciate the fact that they are able to “go on with their business” without worry or concern over their Flooring project.




Marreed-Prestman offers authentic slow-growth, high-density, winter-cut, Northern Ontario Wide Plank Red Pine that is harvested through the Eco-Friendly “Sustainable Forest Management Network” in Ontario and Quebec ... it is not 'soft wood' like White or Yellow Pine(s), it is not plastic, not chipboard, not veneer, not 'engineered' wood (which contains formaldehyde), not a composite (which is compressed pulp wood), and not reclaimed river wood ('Brittle Wood') or 'haphazard' barn wood (which may not meet local building code.


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