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Unwinterized or Below Ground Level?





Notable Quote


“Our cottage is  winterized but, we do not care for the (unnecessary) expense of heating it in winter ... Red Pine  — unlike hardwood which can not be used because it is “Brittle Wood” — was the only wood that could be installed in our 'unwinterized' cottage... since we have allergies we did not want to chance mould build-up (in carpet underlay), it was a natural alternative to hardwoods that look formal and, plastic laminates that (I know) scratch and chip and can not properly be repaired when damaged (which happens) ... Besides, we chose our Marreed-Prestman Flooring for The Right Reasons.”





FloodCoat TopCoats


The Wet Look/The Dry Look


The Flooring illustrated (on the left) has been flooded with the first of two 'diamond-tough' resin topcoats.

The Flooring illustrated (on the right)
 has cured to a Satin Finish



Remembering … “The Right Reasons”
(quotes and paraphrased comments)


“We live on a lake ... with family, pets and visitors,
I didn't want to be tied to cleaning or fretting over 'wet and sandy' Floorings.”


Notable Quotes


“It's the perfect Flooring for my basement rec. room ... we were told by various retailers that we could not use hardwood 'below grade' …

 your Flooring could be installed in our basement and we love it. The rec-room is where we live.”


“No other Flooring comes close to the warm country feeling of a Northern Ontario Wide Plank Red Pine Solid Wood Floor!”


“Our multi-million dollar kilning and milling operation has been in my family for generations (since 1901) and I have not seen anything like what you (Jesse Lance) do with our Wide Plank Red Pine ... I relate what “the guys are doing in Canada” to my international customers in England, Sweden, Japan and China .... It is my pleasure to supply your high quality specifications. Isn't our 12” spectacular?


NOTE: My Red Pine supplier uses Northern Ontario Red Pine exclusively (as I do) and is 'world-renowned' for Kiln-Drying Red Pine to 8–10% without 'Chaffing' and is able to top the 'quality' of Swedish Red Pine in Sweden. ... that is a major feat.


“Being a carpenter by trade, I long ago knew about the hardness and durability of red pine.”


 Doing it Right!


You can 'prove' Kiln-Dried lumber simply by looking for bluish 'gum' at the end of an uncut length of kiln-dried lumber ... unlike 'weathered wood', this bluish gum is, in fact, Kiln-Pitch (Gum forced out of wood by 'baking' in a kiln for seven (7) to ten (10) days depending on the season). However, the presence of Kiln-Pitch does not guarantee proper Kiln Dried lumber for Flooring ... most common lumber retailers store the wood outdoors in damp, cold sheds, as mentioned, and the wood simply retreats to “Air-Dried”, or worse, it expands naturally beyond 14% humidity while in storage. So, are retailers being untruthful when they insist their product is Kiln-Dried?


Wide plank Flooring lumber must be winter cut, shipped, air dried (two years) then kiln-dried (~8–10%), milled, stored, handled, installed, and finished in a knowledgeable fashion ... “a quality-controlled environment”.


Retail lumber yards “break every rule in the book” ... not because they are 'dishonest' but, because they are not attuned to climate-sensitive product, storage or handling.  You may well end up with a 'problem Flooring' and the retailer will 'rightly' deny all responsibility for “whatever you did with the lumber after you accepted delivery”.

But, we 'feel' for suppliers of all caliber because, PineFlooring.CA has also been 'questioned' ... in cases where DIY knowledge and skill are innocently lacking. For instance, it is incorrect to say that 'gaps' are caused by shrinkage (upon delivery and immediate installation) because that is not the case as the wood I supply has been properly kiln dried, held in controlled storage and delivered to the project promptly and in prime condition ... That is my specialty.  Upon receiving my Wide Plank Red Pine it must be stored under normal indoor conditions for as short a period of time as possible or, better yet, installed immediately. Admittedly, major 'gaps' between Wide Plank boards can occur because of an uneven Sub Flooring and/or “less-than-tight” installation by installers.



In addition to Complimentary Online/Fax Quotations, Marreed-Prestman offers a No Obligation Fee-Based On-Site Inspection, Assessment, Samples and Quotation Service ... I visit your job site or, your home if you are working from plans. I assess 'job issues', your requirements, options, timelines, methods, budget and 'vision' ... you take advantage of my knowledge and expertise. Whether you Do-it-Yourself, hire a local contractor or have me install and finish. My On-Site Consultation, with you, will inevitably save you Space, Time, Money and Frustration.


Half (50%) of my On-Site Consultation Service Fee is credited to either your Full Installation or DIY: Do-it-Yourself/Contractor Lumber Supply order when your order is booked within ninety (90) days of my visit. Lastly, unlimited “Telephone Advisory Guidance” is available for DIY's thru job completion. From the selection of wood to installation technique and finishing products and, of course, assurance that you avoid major problems associated with jack posts, Sub Flooring, and the like. We arrange a time for you to call and I answer your questions while your project is underway and as a “back-up” if you have any questions thereafter.



Six Critical Points for comparing ordinary Pine Flooring vs. my Export Quality Value-Added Products.


1) NORTHERN ONTARIO RED PINE (N.O.R.P.) @ ~ 2.5 lbs per sf. is approximately three times (~3X) harder and durable than any White or Yellow Pine(s).

2) Marreed-Prestman —PineFlooring.CA—  obtains its RED Pine through The Sustainable Forest Management Network,
3) My  proprietary GripTight
tm Fastening Technique is approximately three times (~3X) tighter, stronger and secure than “Blind Nailing”,
4) (Preheated) “Diamond Tough” PourDown FloodCoat Topcoat Resin is approximately two times (~2X) more durable than Epoxy Resin Finishes,
5) PineFlooring.CA applies two (2X) “Diamond-Tough” PourDown FloodCoat Topcoats,
6) Hand-Crafted and Hand-Crafted (Hand Distressed) Rustic Distressed Wide Plank RED PINE Flooring is “Kid and Dog Friendly
! “




a) Red Pine has a higher rating than any other pine(s) on the Janka Hardness Rating Scale (J) for Wood Flooring Species. Northern Ontario Wide Plank Red Pine (N.O.R.P.) is approximately three (~3X) times more dense/harder than Eastern White Pine. Consider that N.O.R.P. has twenty-two annual rings per inch of thickness (slow growth, strong fiber) — that is an average of twenty-two (22) years of growth per inch of 'width — whereas Eastern White Pine growth rings are less dense (fast growth, spongy, soft) at approximately eight (~8) rings per inch of thickness.


Having said that, Livability is not measured solely by Hardness, it is measured by Warmth, Durability and Classic Style ... your decision is in favour of a casual and practical, yet sophisticated, Flooring material where a 'Diamond-Tough' yet, 'Flexible' finish, allows for a more carefree lifestyle.

Consider this, as well ... when a 'perfectly' manufactured hardwood Flooring is dinged, dented or scratched, its “man-made perfection” is lost”.  The Consumer is 'forever' disappointed with the livability and enjoyment of their Flooring. Whereas, my new Hand-Crafted (Hand Distressed) Rustic Distressed Northern Ontario Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring can take the abuse by camouflaging normal “wear and tear” ... therefore, warmth, livability and intrinsic value improves as the Flooring ages.


b) New Hand-Crafted (Hand Distressed) Rustic Distressed Red Pine Flooring enhances classic decor styles ... from Antique to Stainless ... from Cottage to Condo.


Marreed-Prestman — PineFlooring.CA — uses NORTHERN ONTARIO RED PINE exclusively because of its Warmth, Durability and Flexibility ... it has more pronounced reddish knots and rhythmic grain ... an excellent choice for Flooring installations.


Qualify Your Actual Requirements


Be fair to yourself ... determine your actual requirements before 'factoring' prices…


In my experience, people rush to guesstimate their Flooring requirements which falsely encourages or discourages them when they calculate the cost of their Flooring project ... if you underestimate your requirements, you may be surprised by the actual square footage and appropriate budget requirement ... if you overestimate you may 'disqualify' yourself based on false 'pricing' information. Neither situation is advantages.


Calculate your actual sq. ft. Flooring requirements as accurately as possible?


Not withstanding the obvious — we all have a tape measure — but, this exercise may surprise you .... if you are building or renovating 2,000 sf., you may only require 1,500 sf. of Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring plus, utility Flooring.


1a) Measure the interior of each room (excluding walls, including closets) then, remove the footprint for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets/counters, tubs/showers, staircase, fireplace/stove base areas and closets that you may not want done, etc., to determine a fair measure. (Remember, 'building plans' may change. Avoid 'exterior' dimensions.)


1b) Consider Cutting and Fitting 'waste' ... it may be higher than expected, as this, in part, changes as your plans progress, depending on the 'complexity' of the 'final' Flooring layout, belated Flooring plan changes including cabinets, counters, bathroom fixtures, fireplace, stairs and wall locations ... but, more importantly, consider the skill, experience and efficiency of the installation crew.


1c) Consider your budget requirements. If budget is “an issue” when considering “wall-to-wall” artistic Flooring, consider doing selective areas ... the critical living areas ... use utility Flooring in other areas. Keeping, in mind, the more types of Flooring used, the more “chopped-up” your building project will look.

1d) Stairways are not to be included in square footage measurements. Stair Risers, Treads and Mouldings are priced separately.



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