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Complimentary Online Quotation?


“Without a doubt, this is the most critically important page on my website ... “

Contractors/Builders and Do-It-Yourself


Telephone Numbers?


Due to work safety requirements, my telephone numbers are not listed. If you request a Call Back, as opposed to an Email response,

kindly provide your telephone number and a day and (EST) time suitable to you (including evenings and weekends).

Contact, president: Jesse Lance






As you progress through this invaluable website, you may be interested in my providing a DIY Quotation or Full Installation/Finishing Estimate?


These are the points of critical importance that I will require after you have studied my website pages!




Marreed-Prestman has been building beautiful, Livable Kid and Dog Friendly ™ Wide Plank Red Pine Floorings since 2001.

I offer four (4) Export Quality Grade(s), Quantity Price Discounts and unparalleled expertise that — I guarantee —
will eliminate any concern over 'traditional' wood Flooring materials, Wide Plank installation and finishing procedures
for unwinterized and below-grade Flooring where no other solid wood can be used, and of coarse, for use above grade.


Potential Clients are able to state their requirements after studying PineFlooring.CA and educating themselves. Then, they follow up with me via Email as our “Initial Point of Contact” indicating their vision for their project


Jesse Lance, president, MARREED-PRESTMAN —PineFlooring.CA — offers priority response to potential Clients who “have done their homework” ... in both our interests ... include their full name, address, city, PC and telephone numbers along with details of  their Project Vision and job location.


NOTE: All prices are clearly disclosed on this website.


Kindly supply the following information in order for me to provide a quotation for your project, as follows:


The “answers” you require are available on the DIY: Do-it-Yourself: INTRO  and the DIY: Do-it-Yourself: COST pages.) and on the “Full Installation” Style/Price page.

NOTE:  Highlight, Copy & Paste these questions into your email Response. Your requirements and timeline have a direct bearing on my advisory response.


Q: Prior to the Internet, did you FIRST become aware of PineFlooring.CA through Toronto Life or Cottage Life classifieds, Word-of-Mouth) ?



Q: Have you studied the PineFlooring.CA website to educate yourself as to what is offered and what your requirements are?



Q: Is your project winterized, unwinterized or “underground/below-grade”?

NOTE:  Northern Ontario Wide Plank Pine is the ONLY solid wood product that can be used in an Unwinterized or below-grade installation ... with the Anti-Cupping feature.)



Q: Is your project a New-Build, Renovation or Addition? (Age of Structure?)



Q: What is your main heating system?

NOTE:  No solid wood product can be install over any In-floor radiant heating system. (Your only options are limited to ceramic, stone, plastic and other inert products.)



Q: Does your project include a fireplace or woodstove BELOW the floor level you require Red Pine Flooring installed?



Q: Where is your project located if different than your residential address as is requested (below) ... site address, PC and site contact name/telephone number?



Q: Is your project “DIY: Do-it-Yourself”/Contractor, Carpenter/Handyperson (~ 99% of Orders: Min 500 sf.) or, potentially, a “Full Installation/Rustic Finishing” (~ 1% of Orders: Min. 1,000 sf.)?



Q: If you desire Full Installation and Rustic Finishing, which STYLE on my “Full Installation” webpage is closest to your vision?



Q: What is your preferred width for Northern Ontario Red Pine Wide Plank (12”, 10”, 8” or 6”)?



Q: Did you measure your project accurately in accordance with “qualify your actual requirements” as illustrated (below)?



Q: Did you allow for cutting and fitting surplus: MILL RUN ~10%, MERCHANT PLUS ~7%, SELECT ~5%, PREMIUM ~3%?



Q: How many square feet is required? (Quantity discounts apply.)



Q: What is your preferred choice of Value-Added Grade (Mill Run, Merchant Plus, Select or Premium) for DIY?



Q: Do you desire “Kid and Dog Friendly!” Rustic Hand-Crafted Distressing @ $ .75c sf. or, do you prefer no Distressing?

NOTE:  Very Light, Medium, Heavy, Rustic Levels of 'distressing' are determined later.)



Q: Unrestricted access is required to the unloading point (within about twenty (~20') feet of the building ... does your project have safe unrestricted access?
NOTE:  “Unassumed/Uninsured Roadways”, private bridges, and access laneways are at the Client's Risk?



Qualify Your Actual Requirements


Be fair to yourself ... determine your actual requirements before 'factoring' prices…


In my experience, people rush to guesstimate their Flooring requirements which falsely encourages or discourages them when they calculate the cost of their Flooring project ... if you underestimate your requirements, you may be surprised by the actual square footage and appropriate budget requirement ... if you overestimate you may 'disqualify' yourself based on false 'pricing' information. Neither situation is advantages.


Calculate your actual sq. ft. Flooring requirements as accurately as possible?


Not withstanding the obvious — we all have a tape measure — but, this exercise may surprise you .... if you are building or renovating 2,000 sf., you may only require 1,500 sf. of Wide Plank Knotty RED PINE Flooring plus, utility Flooring.

1a) Measure the interior of each room (excluding walls, including closets) then, remove the footprint for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets/counters, tubs/showers, staircase, fireplace/stove base areas and closets that you may not want done, etc., to determine a fair measure. (Remember, 'building plans' may change. Avoid 'exterior' dimensions.)

1b) Consider Cutting and Fitting 'waste' ... it may be higher than expected, as this, in part, changes as your plans progress, depending on the 'complexity' of the 'final' Flooring layout, belated Flooring plan changes including cabinets, counters, bathroom fixtures, fireplace, stairs and wall locations ... but, more importantly, consider the skill, experience and efficiency of the installation crew.

1c) Consider your budget requirements. If budget is “an issue” when considering “wall-to-wall” artistic Flooring, consider doing selective areas ... the critical living areas ... use utility Flooring in other areas. Keeping, in mind, the more types of Flooring used, the more “chopped-up” your building project will look.

1d) Stairways are not to be included in square footage measurements. Stair Risers, Treads and Mouldings are priced separately.

No Obligation Fee-Based On-Site Inspection & Consultation


In addition to Complimentary Online/Fax Quotations, Marreed-Prestman offers a No Obligation Fee-Based On-Site Inspection, Assessment, Samples and Quotation Service ... I visit your job site or, your home if you are working from plans. I assess 'job issues', your requirements, options, timelines, methods, budget and 'vision' ... you take advantage of my knowledge and expertise. Whether you Do-it-Yourself, hire a local contractor or have me install and finish. My On-Site Consultation, with you, will inevitably save you Space, Time, Money and Frustration.


Half (50%) of my On-Site Consultation Service Fee is credited to either your Full Installation or DIY: Do-it-Yourself/Contractor Lumber Supply order when your order is booked within ninety (90) days of my visit. Lastly, unlimited “Telephone Advisory Guidance” is available for DIY's thru job completion. From the selection of wood to installation technique and finishing products and, of course, assurance that you avoid major problems associated with jack posts, Sub Flooring, and the like. We arrange a time for you to call and I answer your questions while your project is underway and as a “back-up” if you have any questions thereafter.


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